Christmas Vacation


We are leaving sunny Arizona for rainy Oregon tomorrow to spend Christmas with our extended family.  So, no holiday feast recipes and blog posts this year.  However, we hope to experience lots of vegan restarants and I will be experimenting and making vegan recipes to share with the family. I will post these when I come back.  Have a wonderful holiday full of delicious vegan dishes!

Getting started being #vegan

How do I go vegan?

Going vegan can be daunting and confusing. I hate to assume, but, for argument’s sake, I will assume this once, that if you are thinking about going vegan you are most likely already a vegetarian or a flexitarian. Your current lifestyle and the way you eat will help dictate how easy a transistion to veganism is.


If you do not like to cook, becoming vegan will be more difficult. If you are used to eating processed, convenience food, being vegan will be more of a challenge. If you live in a rural area without specialty food stores, again, more difficult. Challenging but, not impossible.

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