Advantages of Invisalign

What are the advantages of Invisalign? It does not only aid patients in achieving straight teeth, but it is also able to effectively treat a range of cases such as – crowding, spacing, crossbites, overbites, and underbites.

As mentioned, it provides the most essential advantage and that is cosmetic. It will discreetly correct the appearance of the teeth and at the same time boost the patient’s confidence while the process is on-going. Because they are virtually invisible, this caters to the needs of most people who prefer not to reveal their orthodontic treatment or in other words, it is most suitable for those who are socially-conscious.  As a result, this method of straightening teeth is more popular as compared with the traditional orthodontic treatment of wearing braces.

In addition, they are removable easily. Thus, it is easier to maintain oral hygiene. When it comes to consuming food and beverages, one can do so with ease and comfort. With the benefits of easy removal, not only does it minimise chances of tooth decay, there are no specific food that will cause damage or stains to the trays. Patients are free to eat anything they want, even sticky food like chewing gum, as it is an easy chore to prevent plaque from forming as long as the cleanliness of the teeth is taken care of with appropriate measures.  The ultimate purpose of Invisalign is to provide the least disruptions to the daily routines of the patients wearing the aligners; Daily activities such as playing sports and games or musical instruments.

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