Preventing The Spread of Warts

Warts happen to be growths in the penile area brought on by  papillomavirus or HPV. This is a virus that produces benign growths around the skin and mucous filters. There are as various as 100 variations in the virus and the most frequent types that cause this kind of infection are type 6th and 11. You can easily avoid contracting  hpv warts using these steps.

1. Taking precautions to stop the spread: Avoid unprotected relations or multiple partners. Warts are very contagious and can be transmitted by one person to another. When a person starts to get active, there is risk getting this virus. This risk is higher with people who engage with multiple partners and unprotected activity.You can visit to know about wartrol.

2. Understand that someone can be a carrier without having obvious symptoms: Even when a person does not show symptoms of warts but do carry the virus, he or she is still able to transmit the virus to its partner. It is important to understand the extent of the virus and to make sure that your partner is loyal to you.

3. Understanding the virus transmission: The most common form of transmission is through direct skin to skin contact with an infected person. Even simplest skin contact to the affected area can transfer the virus to another person. This also makes it obvious as to why the use of condom can also not prevent the virus from getting transmitted. They are in direct contact with skin and when used creates friction. The virus is able to penetrate the skin and infect the person.

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