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Change Change Changes

Theresa —  July 8, 2012  0

We did it! We moved from Mesa, Arizona to Bend, Oregon, and we loooove it! By way of background, Mike and I were raised in Salem, Oregon and that is where Calista was born. We are both only children and both sets of parents live in the Salem area. Due to a job opportunity we moved to the Phoenix area in 2003.

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Happy 2012!

Theresa —  January 2, 2012  0


I hate resolutions, they are all so well intended and then fall flat a few weeks or month’s later. I do however, love the concept, or rather, the “act of volition”. It is only natural at the beginning of a new year, to look forward. So instead of exacting hard to live up to standards, I have set out my 2012 guide.

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Christmas Vacation

Theresa —  December 16, 2011  0

We are leaving sunny Arizona for rainy Oregon tomorrow to spend Christmas with our extended family.  So, no holiday feast recipes and blog posts this year.  However, we hope to experience lots of vegan restarants and I will be experimenting and making vegan recipes to share with the family. I will post these when I come back.  Have a wonderful holiday full of delicious vegan dishes!

First Vegan Thanksgiving

Theresa —  November 25, 2011  4

Every thing turned out great – see below tips to help with your success!

See my previous blog Thanksgiving – for the birds, for links to recipes.


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Thanksgiving – for the birds . . .

Theresa —  November 21, 2011  1

I will not go into depth regarding the millions of turkeys that are bred and killed each year so people can celebrate a day of thanks with a dead bird. If you are so inclined, this information is available online.


We started a new tradition this year, adopt a turkey,  AdoptaTurkey.Org – for $30, we picked (well my daughter picked) a turkey, I paid and a certificate is emailed. She of course wanted to pick them all. In the scheme of things we are not making a huge impact, however, every small step helps. So if you can afford to and want to do something compassionate, check out their website.

What are you having for Thanksgiving Dinner – here is my preliminary list:

Breakfast – Cinnamon Buns from TwoVeganSisters – though I think I will modify the frosting and make a cream cheese frosting, yum!

Snacks – not sure we really need anything but, I am thinking soy dogs in a blanket – I know pretty pedestrian but, tasty all the same, bruschetta – check out my recipe on the site, and then I have visions of a vegan carmelized onion spinach dip in my head – we will see if that one comes to fruition.

Dinner –
Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf from OhSheGlows.
Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic
Golden Gravy from Blogs.NewYorkTimes.
Mushroom, pecan, dried cranberry stuffing
Spinach, apple salad with candied pecans and mustard agave dressing
Pull-apart rolls from OhSheGlows.


Pumpkin Pie from VegetarianTimes.

Enjoy your holiday with your friends and family, be thankful for what you have, and share your compassion with others.

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