Change Change Changes

Head Of Metolius

We did it! We moved from Mesa, Arizona to Bend, Oregon, and we loooove it! By way of background, Mike and I were raised in Salem, Oregon and that is where Calista was born. We are both only children and both sets of parents live in the Salem area. Due to a job opportunity we moved to the Phoenix area in 2003.

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Christmas Vacation


We are leaving sunny Arizona for rainy Oregon tomorrow to spend Christmas with our extended family.  So, no holiday feast recipes and blog posts this year.  However, we hope to experience lots of vegan restarants and I will be experimenting and making vegan recipes to share with the family. I will post these when I come back.  Have a wonderful holiday full of delicious vegan dishes!

Dairy Propaganda

My daughter brought home “The Milk Story” presented by Arizona Milk producers and the Dairy Council of Arizona last week. This really ticks me off. I have always been opinionated, and hate having someone else’s ideas pushed upon me or any one else. Big business, greed, and stepping on people who are uninformed or uneducated really bothers me. Of course, since becoming vegan these views have become more concise and laser like!

This little coloring book and “story”, says how dairy farmers feed cows a balanced diet to help them make milk, how the nice dairy farmers insure that the cows get regular veterinary care, how many glasses of milk a well fed cow can produce, how cows are milked by machines, how milk is cooled, stored, and prepared so it is “safe” to drink, how it is used to make “Real” ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc. It goes on to tell you that milk is part of a balanced diet, how it has many nutrients, and how it helps you grow and stay healthy. The last page indicates that dairy is one of the five food groups that we need to eat some of each day.

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Meat-Free, huh? #vegan


Why is it that a plant-based, vegan, no meat diet is so hard for the masses to understand? Why are so many people immediately dismissive and defensive of a choice I have made? This is not true of everyone, thanks Mom, for looking at the website, searching other websites and buying books in your quest to make us something to eat when we visit.


I think it is too easy to say people are ignorant and will only accept the status quo. But, is this it? Are people so self-absorbed and ignorant that they just accept that Walmart and McDonald’s have polluted every aspect of our life and just accept that this is the norm. Do people just not think about how the food gets to their plate.   It is incomprehensible to me that someone can be aware of the abhor-able conditions animals live in just to feed us. I will not get into the vast and debilitating effect factory farming and consumption of animal products has on our environment. Recent examples of ignorance; my daughter’s dentist insisting that we have canines to consume meat, that is a fact and why would anyone be vegan. Seriously, I wish I had a smart comeback but, honestly, I was somewhat shocked into silence, I think my response was something in we love animals and it was a morality decision for us . . .


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