How to find the best tumble dryer ?

A tumble-dryer is household appliance that is used for drying clothes once they have been washed. They almost exclusively consist of a rotating drum (tumbler) into which hot air is blown to evaporate the textile moisture. Tumble dryers  are quite handy especially during times of rain, cold weather or winter where there is insufficient solar energy to naturally dry the clothes.

They are also called Drying Machines or Clothe Dryers and are usually powered by electrical energy. They vary in size, with the smallest being suited for households while the larger ones for commercial enterprises such as laundry and dry cleaning providers. 

A condenser tumble-dryer is aspecial type of tumble dryer that, in addition to blowing hot air into the rotating drum to dry the moisture from textiles, also recycles the water vapour derived from the wet clothes by cooling them, condensing the derived water into a collecting tank, and then re-blowing the dry air into the rotating drum to once more cool the textiles. It is therefore more energy-efficient as compared to conventional tumble dryers.

It however requires more time to perform the same tasks as a conventional dryer hence it may not be the preferred machine in case speed is a critical factor. 

A common example of Condenser-Tumble Dryer is the Small Condenser Tumble Dryer

According to our source  It comes in several sizes namely:

  • 3kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer,
  • 5kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer,
  • 6kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer,
  • 7kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer,
  • 8kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer 
  • 9kg-Condenser Tumble Dryer

Many electronic manufacturers world over do make them. However, the major manufactures are Indesit, White Knight, Hotpoint, Hoover, Logik, Beko, Candy, Zanussi and Bosch.

Most Small Condenser Tumble Dryers have an energy rating of either B or C. Energy rating is the measure of the ratio of energy input versus the work done by the appliance. A rating of B or C indicates a moderate energy-efficiency of the appliance. A few though like the Zanussi ZDH8333PZ Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer do have an A+ energy rating indicating that they are very energy-efficient. 

Most Small Condenser Tumble Dryer retail between £199.99 and £399.99; come along with a one-year warranty, have sensor dryer capacity (which is the ability to detect moisture on clothes and automatically either switch on or off depending on the quantity of moisture detected ) not to mention of course the fact that they also come in a variety of colours.